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About Jill & Herb Levitt  
"The Professional Team"

Proven Results From The Proven Professionals!

Finding the right Realtors can be the difference between a stress free home buying or selling experience.

First, you will want Realtors ready and able to make a full time commitment to you.We can and will do that!

Second, you will want Realtors with the experience needed to know the local neighborhoods,schools,market conditions,ordinances etc. Living in South Florida for 26 years with 19 years real estate experience

in Palm Beach County and North Broward County, Jill and Herb have the expertise and track record of success you need.

Thirdly, you will want Realtors who embrace the convenience of technology without loosing the personal touch. You will love the resources available on our many award winning websites and the interactive e-mail alerts that we send, but these will never replace the devoted time we spend with you throughout the entire buying, selling, or relocating process.

We look forward to working with you!

The idea of purchasing real estate is quite complicated these days. Buyers and sellers each have very different motivations and quite often, complex demands of each other. Jill & Herb are trained to understand the issues and explain them just as clearly and openly as is required for all parties to have full comprehension of the matters. Today's Realtor is required to undergo annual training; this is in addition to upholding a rigid set of business principles and ethics. The training they are required to take is intense and very practical, giving each Realtor the latest law changes and requirements.

In addition to being well prepared to handle the transaction of buying and selling, Jill and Herb also are well versed in the vast and changing data regarding all the offerings. The particular needs you may have can be quickly detailed for you and displayed while you consider when and where you may choose to visit. The enormous amount of detail available to today's real estate web site is a true blessing as in a short period of time you can really zero in on just the right property for you. So many people these days think that it is a simple matter to handle a realestate transaction and attempt to do so without the assistance of a competent Realtor, and unhappily you hear stories of misfortune connected with such transactions.

Frankly, Jill and Herb are about the best medicine you could ask for when contemplating buying or selling a home or relocating to South Florida. They do all the work, competently and with promptness and you can sleep well knowing you have professionals assisting you.

Contact Jill & Herb today and get the proven results from the proven professionals!




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